Big Brother's Cat and Lawson: Where are they now?

In 2014, Big Brother‘s Cat and Lawson were all anyone could talk about.

Clawson. Their couple name was Clawson.

Their controversial relationship was the equivalent of today’s Married at First Sight drama – with the country directing literally all their moral outrage towards two reality TV contestants.

To a perhaps too-highly-involved audience, the couple represented all that was wrong in the world, with 23-year-old Lawson cheating on his long-term girlfriend with 31-year-old Cat in the Big Brother house.

It all started in the Sanctuary. Don’t pretend you don’t remember. They’d been flirting for weeks and then Cat chose Lawson to come to that goddamn private room with her (the one with strawberries and another pool, etc) and they kissed under the sheets. They seemed to a little bit think no one would notice, but the thing about Big Brother is that the cameras are on 24/7, especially when a man in a relationship is hooking up with another woman.

Everyone had an opinion on Cat and Lawson, including my mum.

Other housemates made their disapproval of the entire situation very well known, expressing their concern for Lawson’s girlfriend who had to watch the disintegration of her relationship play out on national TV. When Lawson was evicted, just weeks before Cat, the whole country wanted to know what was next. Was their affair just a one-time reality TV thing, like so many before it? Would he come to regret his actions? Would Candice (his ex-girlfriend) ever forgive him?

Clawson being pensive about their relationship. Image via Channel 9.

But Instagram tells us that two and a half years on, they're still together.

Lawson's grown his hair, Cat posts arty photos on Instagram, and they're very much still in love.

They even have a shared blog, The Story From Both Sides, which chronicles their couple-y 'adventures' together.

"Big Brother was the story of how Lawson and I met," Cat writes. "This Blog is a taste of our lives as a couple since leaving the show. I didn't win... but I came away with love, which is even better."


On the site, Lawson says, "I never expected to make it onto the show and I most definitely never expected to meet Cat; but I did and now here we are!

"I like to think of Big Brother as the first chapter of an unfinished book and this blog is a chance for us to write more chapters as we get to do some pretty amazing things."


Cat still works as a midwife, and Lawson is still pursuing a career as a magician, with an upcoming magic show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Meanwhile, the couple travel regularly and document their experiences on their blog and on Youtube, which makes me very happy, because it gives me multiple avenues to stalk - obviously.

The other romantic relationship to emerge from season 11 of Big Brother was between Aisha and Travis, but my Instagram research tells me they've broken up.

I'm all over it - just call me Spotlight.

Oh, and please enjoy the very 2014 video of Clawson above.

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