Disappointed about the new Big Brother intruders? Don't worry. Candice is coming.

Candice Leeder is in talks to enter the Big Brother house.

Last week Big Brother teased us in the lead up to Monday’s episode. Intruders were coming, we were told.

Our minds all immediately flashed to the news confirmed by former Big Brother housemate Ryan Buckingham who mentioned early last week that Lawson’s girlfriend, Candice Leeder, would be entering the house.

Sonia Kruger, host of Big Brother.

Ever wondered how much the Big Brother contestants get paid?

If you're new to the drama, Big Brother's housemates Cat and Lawson have started up a relationship while Lawson has a girlfriend of many years waiting for him on the outside.

Former Big Brother contestant Ryan Buckingham originally revealed Candice was set to enter the house.

But last night, the intruders were revealed. And last night, four new housemates went in.

The four intruders who entered the house last night.

None of them were Candice.

Booted Big Brother contestant reveals all.

If you, like us, were extremely disappointed by the news, fear not. Host Sonia Kruger has told Kyle and Jackie O that they are negotiating with Candice about her entering the house.

Cat, 31.

“We have extended the invitation to Candice, she’s in the middle of exams at the moment, she’s doing her masters. But yeah, we are in communications with her,” Sonia said.

Lawson, 23.

“At this point, she’s been pretty clear about wanting to focus on her exams. But things change, people change ... something might happen this week that could actually propel her to want to talk to us, and I think the best thing for Candice to do is talk to us because the media will stay on it until they can say something.”

Big Brother bombshell: Lawson's girlfriend is set to enter the house.

Sonia went on to say she knows Candice is not happy about the affair.

Candice has remained tight-lipped throughout this affair. All she has said is this one tweet.

“Obviously you wouldn’t be, would you? It’ll be interesting to see what happens this week because Cat’s nominated but Lawson’s not.”

Evictions are tonight on Big Brother. If Cat goes, it looks like we might see Candice take her place.

Have you been watching Big Brother this season? What do you think of Cat and Lawson's relationship?

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