This is how much Beyonce loves Jay Z

Forget sky writing, chocolates and Valentine’s Day cards filled with glitter hearts.

The ultimate show of love these days is nail art. At least it is if you’re Beyonce. She added this picture to her Tumblr – it’s portraits of herself and her husband Jay Z on someone’s nails.

This from the Huffington Post:

We’re well aware that nail art is a huge trend right now, but we weren’t prepared for the over-the-top design we spotted on Beyonce’s Tumblr page this morning.

The photo shows a pair of hands donning what looks like acrylic nails painted in blue and gold, embellished with rhinestones and topped off with pictures of both Beyonce and Jay-Z. Eek!

The letter’s “J,” “Z,” “B” and “N” are also formed on a few of the nails–although we’re not sure what the “N” stands for. It’s also unclear from the picture whether the dramatically decorated digits belong to Beyonce.