Stop calling your daughter 'bossy' - Beyonce says so

Ever noticed that people don’t call little boys ‘bossy’? These female celebs have, and they’re starting a movement…

Beyonce Knowles, Jennifer Garner and Glee‘s Jane Lynch want you to stop calling your girls bossy. 

These famous women are teaming up with Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg to front a campaign which explains that calling girls ‘bossy‘ discourages them from taking up leadership roles.

The ad, which also features Former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, has gained a flurry of media attention and includes Beyonce proclaiming, ‘I’m not bossy – I’m the boss!’

A petition is also circulating on , calling on people to stop using the word. And yes, there’s a hashtag.

It looks like calling out girls for their bossy behaviour may not be helping them in the ways we first thought.

Watch the ad below and let us know what you think…

Does this video change the way you think about talking to ‘bossy’ little girls?

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