Best and Worst: The Spooky Edition.


It’s time for Best and Worst you guys, and those of you who are familiar will know what that means…


For those not in the know: Best and Worst is where the MM community comes together to talk about whatever they fancy. Tell us the best bit of your week, the worst, or whatever you just feel like chatting about. I’ll kick things off.

I actually came out pretty good this week, with two bests and no worsts:

1. Interviewing Ali from The Bachelor. She was sweet and funny and (luckily) a very good sport about my weekly Bachelor recaps. Here’s a pic (interview coming soon!):



We had soooo much fun dressing up in the Mamamia office yesterday. There were appearances from Hello Kitty (moi), Walter White (Justin from the E-Book team) and even a Selfie (Deputy Ed. Lucy). Take a look:

Check out the rest of the pics in our spooky gallery:

Over to you guys: What were your bests and worsts this week?