Best and Worst: Come and share the highs and lows from your week.

Hi everyone!

Welcome to Best and Worst.

It’s a post where we get together on a Friday to share our best and worst feelings/vibes/moments/thoughts from the past week.

I’ll go first.

Best: Here in NSW, daylight savings ends this weekend. And, after weeks of waking up and catching the bus in the dark, I am very keen for both a glimpse of the sun as I leave the house and an extra hour’s sleep on Sunday morning.

Worst: No one is watching So You Think You Can Dance anymore. This makes me really sad because the talent is absolutely incredible. Carrie Bickmore is the world’s most compassionate reality television host (seriously, when someone gets eliminated, she looks like her best mate at work has been retrenched, the poor dear) and Paula Abdul is bringing all of the hilarious cray.

But, each week, as its audience numbers dwindle, you can see that its production budget is being cut. The elimination decision is announced in under 12 seconds, the cinematography is getting a bit rubbish (one second cutaways to the audience and judges in the middle of routines are a little jarring) and it now squeezes what was once four hours spread over two nights into the one two-hour show.

So, if you do happen to be one of the eleven other people still watching SYTYCD, here is a place for you to talk about it!

I was sad to see Maddie go last night, but Lauren is my absolute favourite. Also a huge fan of Patric and Michael but I feel as though Michael always does much better in the Dance for Your Life than in the main competition.

So, what’s going on in your world?

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