Best, worst and everything else: How's your week been?


There’s nothing quite like working in the media when there’s breaking news.

That was this Wednesday in the Mamamia office when the Labor leadership spill was called. It was my best, worst and every other emotion of the week.

Wednesday was my best in a professional sense because I love the excitement and the adrenalin of a news story; I’m addicted to those moments when my phone is ringing, when Twitter is buzzing, when there’s rolling news coverage on the TV and emotions and running high and…. EVERYTHING.

But Wednesday was my worst in a personal sense because I’ve always been a devoted supporter of Julia Gillard.

When news of the spill broke, we made a decision to take the Mamamia team on location to Mia’s house so that we could watch all the news.

On the way to Mia’s house, we kinda looked like this:

By 7:45 when Thai food was delivered to the house – and we were waiting for the announcement of who was the Prime Minister – we looked like this:

By midnight when it was all over – when the vote was cast, when Julia Gillard had said her final words as Prime Minister, when Kevin Rudd had said his first (for the second time) and when we’d updated posts/Twitter/Facebook approximately 2936 times – we and every other journalist in Australia looked a little something like this:

Anyway. That’s me. And now it’s your turn. What’s your best and worst of the week?