What happened to this star's $370,000 wedding dress?

What did you do with your wedding dress after the big day? Seal it, chuck it, store it or sell it?

It’s probably the most expensive outfit you’ll ever buy, so what do you do with your wedding dress after the big day is done and dusted?

There are many options available, like vacuum sealing, boxing, selling, etc, but the option that probably wasn’t on your list is losing it… unintentionally of course.

Lily Allen, 28, has apparently lost her $370,000 Chanel Couture wedding dress.

Though it's unlikely any of us spent nearly that amount on our dresses, it's easy to sympathise with poor old Lil.

The popular singer, who wore the Chanel dress at her reception after marrying hubby Sam Cooper in June 2011, has revealed that she has no idea where her custom-made gown is.

Karl Lagerfield will not be impressed.

Lily admitted to misplacing the dress on the first episode of Rock The Look in the UK when she was asked by an audience member about the most expensive item of clothing she owns. She responded by looking nervous and saying, 'You do not want to know...'

Lily then went on to say: 

"There are two bits to this answer: One is that it's not in my wardrobe, it's missing. And two, it's my Chanel Couture wedding dress that's worth about 200,000 pounds. It's gone. I don't know where it is!"

Lily even admitted that her husband Sam has no idea (until now) that she's lost the stunning dress which had lace sleeves and intricate skirt detail and was designed by Karl with Lily's baby bump in mind. 

Have you looked under the bed, Lil?

Is Lily careless for losing her expensive wedding dress? What have you done with yours? 

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