This mum has five prams. And one baby.

How many prams does your average new mum need? A big one for walks and a fold-up umbrella stroller for the car, maybe? Not this mum, she has five…

The grand daughter of a Formula 1 billionaire has 5 prams. And she is only 4 weeks old.

At 4 weeks old, there are several things you need. Blankie to keep you warm. Milk to keep your tummy full. And a reliable nappy changer – later referred to as mum.

But five prams? That’s exactly what the grand daughter of Formula 1 billionaire Bernie Ecclestone has.

No I am not joking. And before I go into detail, can I just first say:

Who needs 5 prams? I can understand having 2 prams. One big comfy pram and one that folds up like an umbrella for when you are venturing out of your suburb. If you have more, you may have a hoarding problem. And if you have more by credit card purchasing choice, then maybe you are mistaking prams for shoes.

From Tamara Eecclestone Instagram

Tamara Ecclestone (daughter of the F1 billionaire) lives in London with her husband Jay Rutland. Four weeks ago, mum Tamara gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Sophia. And in those four weeks they seem to have purchased a total (so far) of 5 prams.

And no, they aren't the kind of prams that were on a special sale - 5 for the price of 3. These prams are like the Louboutins of prams.

Pram number 1 is a pink Silver Cross pram customised with Swarovski crystals (bedazzled pram, anyone?) and a silver nameplate that says "Sophia". When you spend $2,600 on a pram (pre-bedazzling), you want to make sure your name (or your baby's name) is on it in case it gets lost. Personally, I think a permanent marker is just as good.

Pram number 2 is a Bugaboo Buffalo and is the low-key (in other words no bedazzling), we-are-just-normal-parents pram. The price is around,$1,600, although with the add-on puncture-proof tyres, there might have been mark-up.


The third pram in Baby Sophia's collection is another Bugaboo pram. This time the Chameleon 3 'Andy Warhol special edition'. Despite the pram featuring a colourful butterfly design based on a 1954 artwork called Happy Bug Day by Andy Warhol, it costs the same as plain-jane Bugaboo - $1,600. But it is special edition, people.

"Three musketeers forever. Love my little family x"

The next pram is another plain-jane pram, Bugaboo Chameleon 3 with a cream canopy. To match the cream dresses mum will wear with her cream shoes. However, this pram's feature is an extendible canopy to keep baby Sophia dry from all the wet weather London experiences. Sensible choice for a cool $,1500.

And finally, the Manolo Blahnik of prams. The Stokke Cruisi Complete. For  somewhere around $2,000 there is built-in ventilation so Baby Sophia gets all the fresh air she needs, carry handles and a shopping basket so mum Tamara doesn't have to carry her next purchases.

Can I just take a moment to note that of these 5 prams, none of them are the fold-into-an-umbrella pram you will eventually need as a mum.

I will also note, that while this family of 3 live in London, they have houses around the world. And no doubt more prams for each location.

But my main question is where are all these prams stored? In a pram garage? I mean I have heard of shoe closets (and I want one) but a specific garage for prams? I know that the Ecclestone family have a lot of money thanks to grandpa but I believe mum Tamara is spending her hard earned inheritance on the wrong thing. I promise, baby Sophia won't know or remember whether her pram is bedazzled or not. And as a mum, you need to make sure you sometimes put yourself first - to take care of yourself. So, Tamara don't buy a 6th pram, instead, buy some shoes for yourself. Or for me if you are feeling generous.

Here is a gallery for you to CLICK THROUGH of the prams mum Tamara has for baby Sophia:

What do you think? How many prams is too many prams?