The one colour you shouldn't wear to a job interview. (And the colour you should.)

Want to ace your next job interview?

Along with the right skills and a killer CV, there’s one extra trick you can use to usurp your competition.

Obviously, a good first impression is going to make an impact but there’s one colour that you should avoid wearing if you want to be taken seriously.

Research by Career Builder has found that orange is a colour that employers associate with someone who is unprofessional.

As for what colour you should wear to a job interview, the employers recommend blue (23 per cent) and black (15 per cent) followed by neutrals like grey, white and brown because they convey a sense of professionalism.

Other key attributes they associate with colours:

· Black – Leadership

· Blue – Team Player

· Grey – Logical/Analytical

· White – Organised

· Brown – Dependable

· Red – Power

· Green, Yellow, Orange or Purple – all four colors are associated with Creative.

I’m choosing not to read into the unprofessional AND creative attributes they’ve associated with the colour orange. And it may seem obvious, but forego any dangly jewellery as it’s too distracting. Same goes for wacky ties and loud prints.

The number one tip is to dress for the environment, so do your research on the company. If the staff wear shorts and thongs, turning up in a corporate skirt suit is going to put you on the outer from the beginning. Wear something casual but ensure your clothes are ironed, your nails are manicured and overall you give off a polished vibe.


Whether you agree with the Career Builder results or not, navy is one of the hottest shades this season. Read on for four blue-inspired outfits to take the guess work out of dressing for an interview.

1. Bonded Navy Coat, ASOS.

2. Printed blouse, NEXT.

3. Topshop Nail Colour in Mannequin.

4. Suiting skirt, Sportscraft.

5. KG Kurt Geiger Ankle Boot, ASOS.


1. Floaty shirt, Seed.

2. Scarlet Mahogany specs, Bailey Nelson.

3. Satchel, Topshop.

4. Navy stripe culottes, The Iconic.

5. Girl by Ciri heels, The Iconic.

1. Blouse with drop neck, ASOS Curve.

2. Ponti midi skirt, Boohoo.

3. Gauche heels, Topshop

4. Multi-row necklace, Topshop.

1. Embellished collar shirt, River Island.

2. Pale blue skirt, J.Crew.

3. Personalised clutch, The Mode Collective.

4. Fabrique heels, Tony Bianco.

 What did you wear to your last job interview? And did you get the job?

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