Watch the 264 best dance scenes from films. (In four minutes).

You know my favourite scene from the Silver Linings Playbook? That totally awkward dance routine at Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper‘s big fancy competition,where J-Law launches into an epic Dirty Dancing move but ends up scrambling with her crotch in Bradley’s face.

Wow. Just – wow. On the scale of worst to best dance scenes, it’s up there with John Travolta rocking out in Saturday Night Fever.

(Although a quick survey of the office proves this claim pretty controversial. Apparently Save the Last Dance, Sister Act II and Night at the Roxbury have some excellent rhythmic offerings, too.)

But hey, why choose just one favourite cinematic dance moment ? In this completely excellent  four-minute super-cut, you can watch the best scenes from 264 of your favourite films all in the space of your coffee break.

Go on. You can thank me later.

What’s your favourite movie dance scene of all time? What do you think tops J-Law and Bradley Cooper’s epic dance moment?

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