The most delicious Dad's card ever.

This little girl wins all the chocolate for her super-cute Father’s Day letter.

What kind of card did the Dad in your life get yesterday?

The Daily Mail has found the best and most delicious Father’s Day card of all time.

Stuart Watt, from Brisbane was presented with this card from his beautiful daughter Charlie.

Image via Daily Mail

And in case you can't make it out:


Your skin may be FLAKE-ing and your bones may be breaking but don't worry, I've got a few TWIX up my sleeve to have you looking like the MARVELLOUS CREATION you once were. I've even got a trick to have you TWIRL-ing and rapping like M&M in the car on the way to football. If I traveled the MILKY WAY or even to MARS I would never be able to find a better Dad. You make me feel all BUBBLY inside. With you, life's a PICNIC. Have a FUDGE-ing good fathers dad. I hope you had a few SNICKERS reading this card :) Have fun eating it. 

Love your favourite daughter, Charlie 

Stuart posted the photo of the card to his Facebook page with the caption, "If there's a better father's day card out there, I'd like to see it."

What did the dad in your life get for Father's Day?

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