The internet’s most excellent dad awards for 2015.

You know who gets a free ride when it comes to the internet? Cats.

All those furry little guys have to do is misjudge a jump or get stuck in a bucket and their home-video will spread like wildfire across the world’s social media platforms within days, spawning GIFs and memes aplenty.

Kids, too, have it pretty easy when it comes to having viral. Oh, so you’re under eight years old and you have something sassy to say about feminism? Prepare for six million hits on YouTube. So you got a bit doped-up on cough syrup and drawled some cutesy words? Internet fame is all yours.

One group that’s undervalued on the internet, though? Dads. Caring, hilarious, creative, thoughtful male parents just don’t get as much online airtime as their young and furry peers.

That's why, in honour of Father's Day, we've compiled a list of the best dads on the internet in 2015 so far. In no particular order, we bring you the following five legendary fathers:

1. The single dad who enrolled in beauty school to learn how to do his daughter’s hair.

Single dad Greg Wickherst , from Colorado, is the primary carer of his three-year-old daughter Izzy.
When he struggled (like many dads) to do her hair, he didn't give up or resort to a sloppy, middle-part ponytail. Instead, he enrolled in beauty classes -- and aced it.

Here are just a few of his creations. Post continues after gallery.

2. The creative dad who made a gorgeous photo series of his newborn.

Earlier this year, an adorable bearded dad went viral after he appeared in a series of baby photos unlike any we'd ever seen before.

The ridiculously cool baby photography -- by camera-wielding Polish duo Ania and Michal - involved creating a fake wall, attached to a real wall, that acts as a wooden floor -- and the result is astounding images that look like they're photoshopped.

Take a look. Post continues after gallery.


3. The witty dad who penned his own obituary.

When US dad Doug Legler knew he was close to death, the brave and funny dad did something unique -- He penned his own obituary that was just two words long.


It read simply: "Doug died".

It's the funniest, most succinct obituary we’ve ever seen -- and his daughter Janet Stoll told media it was a perfect reflection of the 85-year-old man's cheeky humour.

“I’m sure he’s laughing up there now”, she told WDay News.Sad, but sweet. RIP, you legend.

4. The prankster dad who turned his entire home into a ball pit.

American serial prankster Roman Atwood filled his entire home with coloured balls -- turning the house into an adult-sized ball pit.

As well as fulfilling most people's childhood fantasies, the comedian clocked up more than 39 million views on YouTube. Not bad, not bad. Although we're still not sure who was tasked with cleaning up all that mess...

Video via Roman Atwood

5. The light-hearted dad who filmed his teen daughter taking selfies.

When this father noticed his adolescent child posing like mad in the backseat of his car as she snapped endless photos of herself, he did something a little bit cheeky: He secretly filmed the girl's epic selfie photoshoot, then posted the clip online.
Yeah, yeah. It's not the nicest dad behaviour we've seen. But it's also bloody funny, wouldn’t you agree?

Over to you. Who would you nominate as the funniest dad on the internet?