The only cheese toastie hack you need in your life right now.

There are few things as delightful as the first bite into a perfectly constructed cheese toastie.

It needs to be crunchy… but not burnt; warm… but not molten.

It needs to be stringy and gooey and luscious… but not runny.

The perfect cheese toastie. Image source: Getty.

Whatever your cheese toastie recipe is, I'm sure it's great. It's probably served you well for many an office lunch or kiddie weekend dinner.

But I HIGHLY recommend you give this little hack a try...

You know how, before you toast it, you spread butter on the outside of the bread?

Instead of spreading butter on the outside of the bread... try mayonnaise. Whole egg mayonnaise.

Chuck some mayo on the outside. You won't regret it. Image via Getty.

Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Ew'.

Everyone I tell scrunches up their face and looks at me with eyes that say 'are you even... human?'

But don't knock it 'til you try it.

The mayo crisps up the bread to the most utterly perfect shade of golden brown. The crunch when you take that first bite?

Oh goodness. It's earth-shattering.

Listen to Matt Moran share his secret to the perfect roast chook, on Can't Live Without. And no, it's not mayonnaise. Post continues after audio.

As long as it has the mayo on it, nothing else matters. Toast it in a sandwich press, fry it in a fry pan, use whatever cheese you like. It's impossible to make it taste bad. Whole egg mayo fixes everything. 

Once it's been toasted, the mayonnaise stops tasting like mayonnaise. Rather, it brings an overall richness and depth to the final dish. Don't ask me how. It just... works.

The cheese tastes cheesier. The $2.95 loaf of home brand sliced bread tastes of handmade sourdough fresh from the oven of a boutique Parisien bakery.

It's nothing short of orgasmic.

Do you have a trusted toastie recipe? Any good hacks? Let us know in the comments below.