Best and Worst: Tell us how your week is going

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Hello Friday! I personally love Fridays, not only because it’s the start of the weekend, but also because it’s my intern day in the Mamamia office and I get to play at being a grown up.

Friday also means its time for my favourite post of the week – Best and Worst! So let’s get into it – If you’re new to the post, Best and Worst is where you come and tell us… well, exactly that – what was the best and worst of your week? Think of it like the weekly coffee session with all your favourite girlfriends, the ones you can tell absolutely everything to. So take some time out from the busy week and come share your thoughts, I’ll go first:

Best: My husband and I moved house during the week from the bushy Blue Mountains into civilisation! Suddenly I find myself living in a world of phone reception, air conditioning and easy access to shops and public transport. I feel connected once again! I’m also seriously less concerned about the possibility of my house burning down in a bushfire.

Worst: On the way into the office this morning I saw the aftermath of a car vs motorcycle accident. I won’t scare you with the gory details but it honestly didn’t look good. I’m always amazed at the number of accidents on the roads each day, so many lives impacted by split second decisions. The end of the school holidays and the long weekend mean that there is increased traffic on the roads, so drive carefully in your travels. Remember that it’s better to arrive late and safe then not arrive at all.

OMM: I need to confess that I spent my first few weeks here at Mamamia thinking OMM meant “Oh Mamamia!” After a good laugh, the girls in the office corrected me, and now I know that OMM stands for “On My Mind.” So tell me, what other acronyms have you accidentally misunderstood?

Over to you! So tell us, what was the best and worst of YOUR week? xx

Sarah Richardson is in her last semester of Media at Macquarie University, and is an intern at Mamamia and iVillage. She’s a social media addict who loves a good book, and drinks copious amounts of tea. You can follow her on twitter here.

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