Best and worst of the week. What’s new with you?

How’s your week going?


If you have never been involved with a website launch, please, allow me to educate you…

Basically it involves your best and your worst magically merging into one. The best being the launch and the worst being absolutely exhausted.

Over the past week I’ve taken several naps in the Mamamia office boardroom at 1am, before continuing to work through the night, I learnt how to do a whole lot of things in Excel that I really never wanted to know and I received a text from my housemate questioning whether I was still alive. I had red bull for breakfast guys. Twice.

Last week we launched Mamamia Shopping.

Just a quiet, soft little launch. We weren’t telling anyone just yet. Because we needed some time to test the site and, you know, sleep. JOKES! That was the plan until A Current Affair called Friday at 5pm requesting a story for Monday night. And when ACA wants to say nice things about you, you basically do whatever they want.

So a little over 48 hours later (thanks to a massive effort from the MM Shopping team) we had a boardroom filled with pretty clothes, the entire office dressed head to toe in new stuff from Mamamia Shopping and a camera crew from Channel Nine capturing it all on film.


Did you see the story on Monday night? Well, if you didn’t, here it is:

If you like what you saw (which we’re pretty sure you did) you can shop some of my favourite outfits from the story here.

Here’s a glimpse of what went down this week at Mamamia (and Mamamia Shopping):

Now over to you… How’s your week?