Best and worst of the week.

What’s been happening in your world?


This week has been all about putting on my game face. My, ‘why yes, I’m completely normal’ face. Attempting not to let the inner-batty girl out.

Full time for two weeks: I’m one of the interns at Mamamia.

And I am so very, very excited. (To put it very, very mildly.)

When I told friends and family that I was coming up to Sydney to intern, messages poured in that all said the same thing: “Have a great time, I know how much you love Mamamia.”

The things that I do normally each day have suddenly become things I have to remind myself to do – like, ah, breathe. Putting on a work face (rather than a crazy stalker face) when I’m talking to Mia. Trying not to fall off my seat during Editorial Meetings because I am actually here.

Megan Burke

It’s been amazing this week at Mamamia HQ, to see first-hand how everything gets put together. Everyone is crazy talented, dedicated and amazing. I’ve read the website for years and being here has been one of the best experiences of my life.


I loved going down memory lane with the 90s photos – just hilarious! My head used to be an explosion of butterfly clips, and my sister and I had to share a Tamagotchi, much to our dismay.

There seem to have been so many awful stories this week, but Todd Akin’s comments really made me squirm. But I have to admit I did have a giggle at the Todd Akin’s Legitimate Rape Kit meme that’s in the gallery.

There have been plenty of other things happening around the office and the site lately, too – take a look:

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What were your best and worst of the week? What’s on your mind?