Best and worst of the week.


Happy Friday and welcome to one of the most popular posts of the week. It’s time to reflect on what’s happened during your week – the good, the bad and the in-between.

Sharing is caring and for several years now, Mamamia readers have been gathering here on a Friday and over the weekend to trade highs and lows.

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Best: Watching The Voice. The highlight of my week? I think even for a TV addict that is quite sad to confess. But bear with me for a sec. The Voice, though rapidly falling in the entertainment stakes (can’t it be the blind auditions forever?) does do one thing, it gets everyone in my family to sit down and watch it. Together.

So often it seems like we are four separate people doing four very separate things. Drifting by one another, once a day (twice if we’re a lucky), our lives not all the same. But with The Voice, we will put away our last pages of work, drop our worries, thoughts and lives and get satisfyingly induced in reality television. It may not have been the avenue I imagined, but for two-hours a week we will laugh, sing, shout and whine. As a family.

Worst: A few years ago writing about the worst experience of my week would have been a case of, “Where do I start?” And now, well don’t get me wrong my life’s not perfect: I have too many uni assignments, I have no free time, I have no money … well maybe it’s still a case of “Where do I start?” But I’d like to think that in these last years I’ve grown up enough to realise that these woes are not the end of the world. Life will throw much bigger hurdles in my way and I have to be prepared for that.

On My Mind (OMM): Two days ago I watched a documentary on the Boxing Day Tsunami. 250,000 people died. It’s a number so big it’s hard to comprehend. For months, even (I despair to say) years, this event had been out of my mind. But for the people who were there that day, who had their children, spouses, parents, literally ripped from their arms, not a day would go by that they would forget. For that, we must remember.

Olivia is a journalism student and an intern at Mamamia. A lot of her time is spent running her online vintage clothing store, which you can check out here.

What were your best and worst bits of the week?

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