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Happy Friday and welcome to one of the most popular posts of the week. It’s time to reflect on what’s happened during your week – the good, the bad and the in-between. Sharing is caring and for several years now, Mamamia readers have been gathering here on a Friday and over the weekend to trade highs and lows.

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Best: This may not seem like a very big highlight, but when you get to my ‘worst’ I’m sure you’ll understand. This week I was lucky enough to interview one of the curators at the Powerhouse Museum for a university assignment. After taking me through each of the current fashion exhibitions running, we stopped briefly at The Wiggles exhibition and I was urged by the curator to check it out while I was there. So after our interview was complete, I ventured onwards into the cave of crazed children jumping on big red cars and cheering for Dorothy the Dinosaur. Now I’m only 22 [and three-quarters], which means The Wiggles were most definitely of my time and walking through the exhibition was like stepping back into my 5-year-old self. An age that I’m sure was much less complicated. A time when it wasn’t about reaching deadlines, saving money and working hard, but it was about which toy I would play with today, who my best friend would be at Kindy for the next 5 hours and the annoyance of having to rewind my Wiggles cassette tape so I could listen to that hot potato song a tenth time. A flashback to simpler times was definitely what I needed this week.

Worst: This week I realised that I am annoying. Well temporarily at least (I hope). Since about late March I have been complaining about how much uni work I have to do. How I don’t have time to do it all because I am working or I have class or social engagements or I need to watch the finale of Grey’s Anatomy a fifth time because I didn’t cry enough the first time. On Tuesday night I attended a dinner to celebrate one of my friends’ graduation from university and once again, I spent most the night talking about how much uni work I have to do. That’s when I realised how annoying I must be. I tell everyone, family members, friends, strangers I meet at museums. It hasn’t quite occurred to me that if I just do the work, I may indeed cease to be annoying.
Melissa Kehagias is a journalism student and an intern at Mamamia. She spends her time blogging here, studying and selling shoes to fund her social life and hopes to one day make a living writing about fashion and wearing high heels.

What were your best and worst bits of the week?

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