Best and worst of the week.



There is one word that perfectly sums up my week – whiplash.

This week I finally gave up on a relationship I have spent the last 6 months fighting tooth and nail for. There is something uniquely heartbreaking about watching someone you love suffer and not being able to do a thing about it.

There’s also a bittersweet freedom in making the decision to be happy and allowing yourself to let go. Never fear though, my new boyfriends Gym, Ben and Jerry will see that I survive the worst.

This has also been one of the flippin’ best weeks EVER!

See? Whiplash!

I’ve been catching up with an old friend; one of those amazing people who can improve your day simply by emailing “Hey there, beautiful”. He is gorgeous, talented, damn lovely and deserves every one of the amazing opportunities coming his way right now.

I’ve had an brilliant week with the kids that I nanny. The five-year-old mostly thinks I’m gross because I’m a girl. But I won brownie points this week because I listen to Queen, just like Daddy does. However, I promptly lost said brownie points when he discovered I know all the words. To all the songs. I am The Voice.

Just quietly, while we’re on the topic of my awesome week… did I mention I’m an intern at Mamamia? Because I AM. Oh so busy but loving every hectic minute with these amazing (and well dressed) women. Take a look at what the Mamamia team AND you wonderful Mamamia readers have been wearing this week:

In other fashion news, the world record for the longest ever catwalk was set last Friday at ECCO’s World’s Longest Catwalk event. Mia hosted the event – here’s some pics of that, as well as everything else that’s been happening around the office and social media this week.

What were your best and worst of the week?