Best and worst of the week.

What was your best and worst?


You know what, my lovely fellow MM’ers? Friday is my favourite day on the site. Not because it’s just before the weekend (well, that helps too) but because it’s Best and Worst time. It’s like a weekly catch-up with girlfriends over dinner… only there’s no dinner and there are, well, hundreds of you. But still.

Best and worst is the place where you can come and share what’s been happening in your world. No matter how petty or how significant, it’s all welcome here – we’re listening and we’re ready to offer (virtual) hugs and love.

I’ll kick us off because I’m nice like that.

BEST: It seems like winter really hit this week – I’ve pulled out the fluffy winter blankets and invested in a new pair of ugg boots. Ski resorts across Australia and NZ have started posting pictures of their snowfall, which is excellent to see considering I have booked a rather pricey skiing holiday for August.

BONUS BEST: The Mamamia Facebook page hit 50,000 likes yesterday which was exciting, to say the least. If you don’t like it already – hop on over here and click that button so that we can reach the 60,000 mark and get excited all over again.

WORST: Just the 3000 word essay I need to tackle this weekend. Someone get me a cocktail.

What was your best and worst of the week?

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