Monday's news in just two minutes.

Bella Richmond

1. The parents of a baby girl whose photo was used without permission by Channel 9’s The Footy Show say they’ll be seeking legal action. A Facebook image of Bella Richmond was reportedly shown during the broadcast of last Thursday’s episode and the comment was made that the 18-month old resembled commentator Peter Sterling. Bella’s parents Michael and Melanie Richmond told News Limited: “We were going to let it go but we can’t. Someone has put our baby on TV. We want to get some feedback on what our legal options are now.”

2. Legislation that allows child care centres to ban unvaccinated children from attending will be introduced to NSW parliament. The ‘no jab, no play’ legislation aims to curb the number of parents who do not vaccinate their children. NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson said: “This shouldn’t be about the alternative wishes of parents who choose to ignore the science. It has to be about the health of our children.”

3. It’s been reported that more than 10 per cent of babies are born to mothers with a history of mental heath problems. Those problems include issues with drugs or alcohol and a tendency for stress, according to the Medical Journal of Australia. Dr Melissa O’Donnell said mothers who fall into the category were at a greater risk of post natal depression and that the figures highlighted the need for people to seek treatment early.

4. North Korea launched four short range missiles as part of a “military drill” over the weekend, prompting concern from South Korea and the UN. South Korean ministry spokesman Kim Hyung-Seok said: “We find it deplorable that the North does not stop provocative actions such as the launch of guided missiles yesterday… We call on the North to take responsible actions for our sake and for the sake of the international community.”

5. A five-year-old boy is in a serious condition after being thrown from the carnival ride he was on. The boy was at Queensland’s Mary MacKillop Catholic School fair, on a ride called The Frizbee, when he slipped from his seat and fell 10 metres, landing on a fairy floss stand. It’s not yet known whether the boy was too short for the ride or whether the safety bar failed.


6.  The latest Newspoll figures show Julia Gillard is closing the gap between her and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as preferred Prime Minister. The preferred PM figures reported today show that Tony Abbott now sits at 40 points, while Gillard is on 39. But according to the poll, the Coalition would still win the election if it were held today. On a two-party preferred basis, they’re ahead 56 to 44 per cent.

7. A Welsh baby, thought to be dead at the scene of a car accident, has been discovered alive when he was seen moving inside a body bag. Mohammed Eisa Hayat‘s family were on a pilgrimage to Mecca when the accident occurred in Saudi Arabia. His five family members died in the crash and doctors assumed the one-year-old had also passed away  and transported him to the morgue with his family. Mohammed was about to be moved to cold storage when the mistake was realised and he was quickly transported to hospital.

8. According to new figures published in The Age, more than 90 per cent of asylum seekers who arrive in Australia by boat are found to be ‘genuine refugees’. In contrast, asylum seekers who arrive by plane were “twice as likely to be rejected as refugees”.

The figures come in the wake of parliament’s decision to pass new legislation that excises the entire Australian mainland from the migration zone. This means that asylum seekers who come by boat and reach Australian shores can (and will) be sent offshore for processing, rather than allowed to live in the Australian community while they wait for a determination.

Penne Hackforth-Jones

9. Australian actress Penne Hackforth-Jones has sadly died after a battle with lung cancer. She was 64. Penne was known for her roles in A Country Practice, Muriel’s Wedding, All Saints and Mother and Son.

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