Bella Cruise gives a rare interview about her relationship with her parents.

Rumours have swelled for years that Bella Cruise, adopted daughter to Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, is estranged from her mega-star parents.

News of her intimate wedding late last year saw the 23-year-old’s name splashed across tabloids amidst claims Nicole didn’t even know her daughter was getting married. While the ceremony was modest, with only a handful of friends selected as invitees, the absence of Bella’s parents was notable if not eyebrow raising.

But now, for the first time since reports of her new marriage broke, Bella has addressed gossip that she has severed all ties with her Hollywood parents. Speaking to New Ideathe London local has slammed those who say her relationship with her mother has disintegrated.

Nicole Kidman seated between her two adopted children, Connor (left) and Bella (right), at a basketball game in 2004. (Image via Getty)

"Of course we talk, they're my parents", she told the publication, adding that anyone who says otherwise is "full of s**t."

Bella is withdrawn from the spotlight and fame that encircles her parents, and lives in a modest marital home with I.T. consultant husband Max Parker, who is eight years her senior. According to New Idea, the glitz and glamour of a jetsetting lifestyle doesn't appeal to the pair, who are "fiercely proud of their independence" and who have rejected financial support from the A-listers.

Asked about Bella's apparent detachment from her old life, husband Max admits she has removed herself from fame and fortune.

"Yeah, you could say that. It’s more [of a] weird [situation] for everyone else."

As for any babies that may be on the horizon, Bella told the mag there will be plenty of time before the newlyweds begin growing their family: "I’m 23, so we’ll see [when the time is right to start a family]. I’m still a baby myself!"

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