Mockumentary: Behind the scenes of the Mamamia office.


People often ask us what it’s like to work at Mamamia office.

In response, we tend to use words like busy, hectic, fast, colourful and well, we could be here all night…

Adequately describing the feeling of coming into work every day and never knowing what the internet, the 24-hour news cycle – or Mia and Jam for that matter – are going throw at you, is exciting, stimulating and exhilirating.

And so we’ve decided to make a little mockumentary to show our readers what it takes to run a website and what goes on behind the scenes in an office full of women journalists.

The Editorial Team have put on our acting pants and we’ve created a six part series with the generous help and support of our friends (and suppliers) at Post-It.

So without further ado…

We’re proud (and a little nervous) to introduce: Behind the Screens at the Mamamia office. (Geddit!?!) Part 1.

Grab some popcorn, forgive our terrible, terrible acting and enjoy.

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