Behind the scenes pics: Gwyneth Paltrow gets ready for the Met Ball.

Before and After.

1. Had enough of Gwyneth Paltrow or the Met Ball? We thought we had too but boy were we wrong.

Gwneyth has released some behind the scenes pics of her getting ready for the big night on her website Goop. The candid pictures reveal the process she goes through to get red-carpet ready.

The shots are super pervy and rather addictive to look at. What do you think?

Take a look at the rest of pics below:

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3. What these celebrities are worth will blow you mind.

The Huffington Post has released a list of the most jaw-droppingly rich celebrities – and there are some surprising names on the list.

Probably most shocking? Julia Louis-Dreyfus, of Seinfeld fame, is worth more than Oprah AND J.K Rowling. What the what?

Turns out she was actually born into a SUPER rich family, so was already loaded before she gained worldwide fame and comedic glory. Interesting.

Take a look at some of the names on the list:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – $3 billion

Oprah – $2.8 billion

J.K Rowling – $1 billion

Madonna – $650 million

Gloria Estefan – $500 million

Dolly Parton/Celine Dion – $400 million


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen – $300 million

Ellen DeGeneres – $105 million

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5. Introducing the black rapper who is starring on Downton Abbey. Say, what?

Well, kind of.

Puff-Daddy P-Diddy Diddy Sean Combs, the rapper who goes by many names but in this instance uses his original one, has appeared in an hilarious sketch for Funny or Die in which he stars as “the first black character on Down-Town Abbey.”

This video is worth a look just to see P-Diddy standing next to the Dowager Countess:


6. Guess which celeb has slammed Abercrombie & Fitch for discrimination against fat people and banned her kids from shopping there? Click here to see.

Wade Robson on the the US Today Show yesterday.

7. Michael Jackson molestation allegations continue to be aired.

The Australian choreographer who recently alleged that he was abused by Michael Jackson as a child,  has appeared on the Today Show in the US.

Wade Robson, now 30, told host Matt Lauer that Jackson molested him from ages 7 – 14. The ‘dancing prodigy’ appeared in three of Jackson’s music videos as a child, but always maintained there was no abuse – even coming to Jackson’s defence during his infamous molestations trial in 2005.

Robson has faced mush suspicion since taking action against the Jackson estate a few weeks ago, as he is seeking financial compensation. However, when asked why he has only now chosen to speak, Robson revealed that it has only been since having a son of his own that he felt ready to face the truth:

“This is not a case of repressed memory. I have never forgotten one moment of what Michael did to me, but I was psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

The case continues.

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