“I urge any parent to throw the cot away": Mum offers safety warning after the death of her baby.

It was an ordinary morning when Esther Roseman went to put her seven-week-old baby girl down for a nap. Just a normal day in the life of the mother of a newborn. Feeding, burping, changing and sleeping, all through the blur of exhaustion that new mums feel.Baby Grace Roseman was placed in her bassinet – one of the co-sleeping types that keeps your baby safe next to you – at around 8.30am and then Esther Roseman left her to sleep while she caught up on the numerous tasks that build up and yet never seem to get done.

Grace Roeman. Via Facebook.
Knowing her daughter was sleeping safe and sound.

But when she returned 90 minutes later her world fell apart.

Seven-week-old Grace Roseman had maneuvered herself over the edge of the Bednest bassinet cutting off the supply of oxygen to her brain. She was dead.

It is claimed that as the tiny baby slept that April morning, her neck got caught on the edge of a side panel that had been partially lowered, her windpipe crushed against the side, causing her death.

The Bednest bassinet. Via Bednest.
Following an investigation into Grace’s death the coroner in the UK, where she lived, issued a warning to the manufacturer of the bassinet, Bednest, saying urgent action was required to prevent further deaths.

The coroner stated: “In my opinion there is a risk that future deaths will occur unless action is taken.”

The Bednest cot in which Grace died was recalled in Canada and America, while in the UK and Australia the company issued a modification kit in older models and changed the design of the cot so that its sides can no longer be folded down.

There was a voluntary recall in Australia, but the bassinets are still on sale both new and second hand ones.

The bassinets are still on sale in Australia.

But Grace’s mother Esther has issued a warning to parents saying that isn’t good enough as people can buy second-hand cots which don't have the modifications or all the instructions.

“On April 9, 2015, at 10.39am, our beautiful baby, Grace, who was just seven weeks old, was pronounced dead,” she told The Times.

“Immediately following Grace's tragic death, as her mother, I felt nothing but guilt, self-blame, shame and judged. I felt tortured that I didn't have the choice of ending my life because I could not be that selfish to my family."

“When it first happened, I had some sympathy for Bednest, assuming it too would be mortified and remorseful.”

“Unfortunately, the company does not appear to believe that the design of the cot caused Grace's death.”

Grace's mother urges anyone with the bassinet to throw it away. Via Twitter.
She now pleads with anyone who uses the bassinet or who has one stored away to get rid of it.

“I urge any parent with one in their loft, with the original set of instructions, to throw the cot and instructions away," She told The Times.

“In my opinion, the huge secondhand market for cots such as Bednest remains worrying and dangerous. Instructions and the modification kit will likely have been lost and many people will be unaware of the dangers.”

Earlier this year, Choice issued a statement about the tragedy saying: “The incident throws the lack of Australian standards for bassinets and bedside sleepers into the spotlight and asks whether the US standard for bedside sleepers, which is the only official standard currently available, is rigorous enough to prevent such accidents in future.”

A lawyer representing the Rosemans told The Times the family were devastated by Grace’s death.

“The death of a child is every parent’s worst nightmare and I cannot begin to imagine the pain caused to this family. Unfortunately, that pain has been made worse by the lack of clear answers and the continuing feeling they were at fault in some way,” Jill Greenfield, the Rosemans’ lawyer said.

A company spokesman for Bednest, Mark Thomas told The Daily Mail that anyone with an older version of the bassinet can obtain a modification kit.

“We can reassure consumers that all Bednests sold or rented by the company after November 2015 are to the new ‘2016’ design without a half-fold side panel, and pre-November 2015 Bednests can be modified in two minutes with a free simple self-fit kit with minimum inconvenience.”

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