Uh-oh. Bec Judd has already realised the one awkward issue with having twins.

Two days ago television presenter Bec Judd, 33, gave birth to a set of twin boys, Tom and Darcy.

Born just one minute apart, I think we can all agree that the pair look fairly similar.

Heehee- they are definitely boys. Darcy on the left, Tom on the right.

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Delivered via c-section at 34 weeks, Tom and Darcy are identical, and in all the pictures the couple has shared so far, they are dressed in the same outfits.

Yesterday afternoon, Judd shared the following image to Instagram, accompanied by the caption “Woke up like this thanks to Snapchat. Can’t remember who I’m cuddling in this pic.”

Woke up like this thanks to snapchat ????. Can’t remember who I’m cuddling in this pic ????

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As a twin myself, we have often speculated; Isn’t it possible that I am actually Clare and she is actually Jessie? I mean, I would imagine that after giving birth to a set of twins, mum was quite delusional. I’m pretty sure at one point she accidentally threw our bottles in the bin, and placed our dirty nappies in the fridge. She was so tired she didn’t know which way was up, let alone which of her kids were which.

The hospital at least dressed us in different outfits. Clare was always blue and I was always pink. But Bec Judd has two identical boys who were first wrapped in matching blankets, and then dressed in matching beanies.

Bec, we don’t blame you.

We can’t help but wonder if maybe the mum of four has adopted a twin parenting hack, like placing different coloured bands around their wrists.

When my twin brothers were about five, dad shaved an ‘N’ into the back of one head, and ‘J’ into the other, so that everyone could tell them apart. At only two days old, I’m not sure this is a viable option for the Judd’s just yet.

My twin sister and I talk about what it’s like growing up in a pair on Mamamia’s parenting podcast ‘This Glorious Mess’. Post continues below. 

Yesterday, Bec Judd also shared a video on her Instagram story where she said “After having done both, whoever said caesareans are the easy way out is a liar. Ouch. Give me natural delivery any day.”

We wish Judd all the best in her recovery.

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