So beauty bloggers want us to apply our foundation with condoms. No, really.

If you feel like you can’t keep up with the advancements in the makeup application industry, DO NOT WORRY, the beauty bloggers and vloggers of the internet have come up with the perfect solution just for you.


Yep, you heard right. In response to the introduction of the SiliSponge, a clear silicone makeup applicator, beauty bloggers have created a hack using, well, rubbers.

You just cover your regular make up sponge with a condom and you’re good to go (wink wink).

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The bloggers advise that first you wash off any lubrication (a VERY important step) then insert the blender, tie off the end and apply foundation as usual.

According to those in the know, you get the best of both worlds – a squishy texture that distributes makeup in hard to reach spots, without the sponge sucking up all your makeup.

One beauty vlogger has taken it a step further, claiming that you don’t even need a Beauty Blender to begin with.

Itzayana Lizbeth, AKA the Beauty Vixxen, filled her condom with lotion. In her YouTube video review, she said the combo worked better than the SiliSponge, proclaiming that it was “by far the best technique I’ve used as a beauty sponge.”

You can watch her YouTube video below.

At least you’re practisi!ng safe make up application

Well there you have it. At least you’ll be practising safe, uh, makeup application?

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