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"I've never felt so attractive... ever." All of the 6 Beauty and the Geek makeovers in one place.

It happens every year: Geeks from Beauty and the Geek get the makeovers of a lifetime and viewers at home absolutely eat it up. 

Because, quite frankly, there is nothing more exciting than seeing a shy and nervous Geek come completely out of their shell and love themselves a whole lot more. 

Watch the trailer for Beauty and the Geek Australia 2022. Story continues after video.

Video via Mamamia.

This season, we've been able to watch a number of Geeks get a confident-boosting change, and it's not only made those of us watching drop our jaws – but the Beauties have been stunned by the transformations too.

If you've missed the makeovers and want a recap, here is every Beauty and the Geek 2022 transformation. 

Mike Gambaro. 

Instagram: @mikegambaro.

Image: Channel 9.

Mike was the first Geek to get a makeover. 

In the process of his major transformation, his beard was trimmed and cleaned up, his graphic t-shirts were switched out with a dark grey suit and his hair was given a major cut.


"I've never actually been called 'hot' before. But I'm feeling it now," the 20-year-old said of his reveal.

Christopher Mattiske.

Instagram: @christophermattiske.

Image4: Channel 9.

Chris was the next Geek to get his makeover. 

While admitting he was nervous to undergo such a massive change, he recognised that he had been using his unruly hair to "hide behind". 

For his transformation, the 30-year-old was given a major new hairdo and a wardrobe overhaul. 

The changes left the Beauties stunned, and his partner, Bri, wiping away tears. 

"You look so good," she told Chris. "I was speechless, I was actually lost for words."

"It's bizarre to receive so much praise and support in such a short time," Chris later shared on Instagram. "But it feels really good to finally step out and see such a positive reaction from these amazing, beautiful people that I'm sharing this experience with."

Micheal Gebicki.

Instagram: @therealgebicki.

Image: Channel 9.


Micheal arguably had the most iconic transformation of the night, appearing to the rest of the Beauties and Geeks with a clean-shaven beard, a European-holiday-looking wardrobe and a cooler, sleeker haircut. 

"Micheal already was a bit of a cutie... now he's a bit of a hottie," Tara said of her partner. 

Jason Mihalopoulos.

Instagram: @jase.miha.

Image: Channel 9.

Jason's makeover resulted in a radical transformation. 

The Geek's hair was chopped and his beard was completely shaved off.

Anthony Farah.

Instagram: @captainfizman

Image: Channel 9.


"To have a look in the mirror, it was very emotional because... this is what I could actually be. Why can't you love yourself? Why can't you be proud of who you really are?" Anthony said after seeing his new look. 

For his transformation, he got a cleaner, more neutral wardrobe and a slicked-back hair-do.

Aaron Seeto.

Instagram: @theflyingoreo2.

Image: Channel 9.

"This is a really big turning point," Aaron said in light of his makeover. His transformation involved a major haircut and a wardrobe overhaul. 

"I was speechless... I've never felt so attractive... ever. I feel like the luckiest Geek in the world."

Feature Image: Channel 9 / Mamamia.

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