Brisbane City Council has banned this queer film festival poster for being 'too confronting'.

Brisbane’s upcoming Queer Film Festival is set to be a big event, bringing together gay, lesbian, transgender and intersex communities from Queensland and all around the country.

To celebrate and promote the event, organisers have created a series of beautiful poster artworks – one of which you definitely won’t be seeing on the streets of Brisvegas.

Brisbane City Council has banned this picture of two young men kissing on a beach from being used on a billboard to promote the festival. Organisers of the event have been told that the image is too explicit and confronting.

Jake Harrison, of My Kitchen Rules fame, features in the poster series. He is justifiably disappointed with the decision.

“It is annoying,… As soon as this type of ad, featuring two gay men is used, it is deemed unfit for Brisbane’s eyes. Of course the best poster had to be torn down,” he said.

We’re not too sure what could possibly considered ‘explicit’ about a couple kissing in their swimmers. There’s no nudity here folks, just some very, very excellent abdominal muscles. The poster is simply an endearing – albeit sandy and potentially itchy – expression of love.

And as for the image being ‘confronting’. Surely in 2014, when all of our national laws that discriminate against homosexuality (except that pesky marriage act, which is still in need of some serious tinkering) have been abolished, we can all be un-confronted by a picture of two blokes kissing?

After all. What’s wrong with a sneaky pash in the waves, eh? Seems bloody well Australian.

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