BAGWATCH: Posh's handbags are worth A$3m

This is good news for the economy and even better news for the environment because none of them are plastic! Isn't that great? Not such great news for cows however because most of them are leather.

There's a scene in Sex & The City where Carrie Bradshaw is trying to get a loan to buy her apartment and realises she has no assets she can borrow against. Some quick calculations ….

… work out how much she's spent on shoes over the years force her to confront a sad fact: all that shopping counted – financially – for nothing. This made her wonder if she would indeed be 'the woman who lived in her shoes'.

Posh has one or two other assets so I'm sure she's not going to be forced to try and borrow against her Birkins any time soon.

According to reports:

Victoria Beckham is well known for
her extravagant taste in fashion, but news that she owns 100 Hermès
Birkin bags is likely to be seen as nothing less than excessive.

A US financial website worked out that the sometime pop star's collection of the coveted bag alone is worth £1.5million. revealed that the 35-year-old owns around 100 of the style, which start at £4,200 for the basic model.

Of course, La Beckham is not one to
settle for basic. As countless photographs will testify, she regularly
carries luxurious versions in pink ostrich skin and glossy black
crocodile, worth up to £42,000 each, as well as the rare 'Silver
Himalayan' style, which, at £80,000, comes complete with three-carat

I've never really been a bag girl. More shoes. Although now, I'm more of a jeans and cashmere scarves girl. Actually, that's not even true. I am not particularly obsessed with anything right now except maybe good long-sleeved t-shirts. I found a few in Cotton On for $7.50 and they're really not so bad.

For A$3m, I could buy 400,000 of them – although I would probably buy a few less and use that extra money to build a new wing on my house in which to store them. If you had A$3m to spend, what would you buy?