Baguetting might be the greatest thing since sliced bread

It appears we humans have nothing better to do with our time than replace ordinary objects with baguettes, snap photos of our handiwork and post them to the Internet, feeding the newest, half-baked meme. Even celebs are getting in on the baguetting action.

But we're not going to lie: We. can. not. stop. laughing. Here are the best results from the Baguette Me Nots Tumblr:

We get it, we also find ourselves adjusting our waistbands after a bit too much bread.

Well-known Web joker George Takei knows safety comes first when it comes to baguetteing.

He'll have to carbon date these baguettes to figure out just how stale they are.

Too many baked goods clogging up the pipes.

Nothing comes between Broadway star Kristin Chenoweth and good oral hygiene.

Those Wolverine claws may look menacing, but we're pretty sure we could make quick work of them in a fight.

Yikes! That injury's so bad, you can see right down to the condiments.

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig sure knows how to set an elegant table.

Matthew Broderick snaps a sourdough selfie.

Just wait until she gets that enormous baguette bling on her finger.

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