Tuesday’s news in two minutes.

1. Video of a man in Western Australia who snatched a woman’s handbag and then slammed through a window during his attempted get away has gone viral. Police are hoping the security footage, which shows the thief running through the glass door and falling to the ground, will help lead them to the man – and the accomplice who helped him get away. The footage has aired on the UK’s BBC and the US’ CBS News.


2. The number of female tourists travelling India has dropped by 35 per cent in recent months. The survey results come after a spate of sexual assaults in the Asian nation. In December, a 23-year-old Indian student was fatally gang raped by a group of six men. And last month a Swiss tourist was gang raped in front of her husband. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India said overall tourist numbers had dropped to 25 per cent, with people opting to visit Malaysia or Thailand instead.

3. Prosecutors in the US state of Colorado will seek the death penalty for James Holmes, the man who allegedly killed 12 people and injured 70 when he opened fire in a movie theatre last year. Last week, lawyers for 25-year-old Holmes offered a plea bargain – that he would plead guilty in exchange for life in prison. But prosecutors rejected that plea.

4. As of yesterday, Australian health insurance premiums have risen by as much as 6.5 per cent. In the wake of the rise, the Private Health Insurance Ombudsman is recommending people shop around to avoid and explore their options for the most cost-effective plan.

5. The Australian Medical Association has rejected a proposal from The Health Services Union which suggested hospital security guards should carry guns. The HSU believes hospitals are becomingly incresingly dangerous, but Steven Parnis of the AMA said: “There’s very good evidence that shows there are certain ways to reduce violence and they’re the things that should be implemented, such as having highly trained, in-house security guards to work with doctors and nurses to actually reduce the violence.”

6. There have been reports that doctors in Australia are removing the tonsils of overweight children to help them breathe better at night. A ear, nose and throat doctor from Flinders Medical Centre told News Limited that 10 per cent of children who have their tonsils removed because of breathing problems were overweight. The news comes in the wake of draft obesity guidelines from the Federal Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council which recommend parents teach their children “weight maintenance” such as exercise and healthy eating.


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