Teachers share the 'worst' school lunches they have ever seen.

Chocolate, leftover fast food… and little else.

Teachers have anonymously shared the “worst” packed lunches they have witnessed children bring to school in a thread on parenting forum mumsnet.

“I am genuinely curious about this issue. I’ve heard people say rather darkly, ‘Gosh, I see some awful things.’ But how bad?? Are we talking leftover pizza or mouldy bread or just not enough fruit?” the original poster asked.

The sugary snacks

“Two iced ring donuts and two chocolate bars.”

“Two jam filled doughnuts.”

“A bag of Mini Eggs is the one that’s stuck with me. Very sad.”

“A can of Red Bull and a pack of TicTacs. Year 4.”

Suddenly, the humble sandwich doesn't look so humble. (iStock)

"Chocolate popcorn and chocolate spread sandwiches constantly."

"A single chocolate doughnut."

"Six bounty bars, 2 mars and a twix."

"Six medium sized chocolate muffins."

"Half a packet of chocolate digestives and a roll of polo mint."

The packet lunches

"Full packets of biscuits and nothing else."

"A tub of Philly [cream cheese] and a plastic spoon."

"Big bag of sharing Doritos Chilli Heatwave and a bottle of Coke."

"A large bottle of Red Bull and a family packet of some generic brand of bright orange cheese puffs ... [it] was a boy not from a poor family. He was just given money every morning and that was what he spent it on."

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The leftovers

"Cold oven chips wrapped in newspaper so the print had come off on the chips."

The bread

"Bread rolls covered in colouring icing."

"One ketchup sandwich in dry sliced bread and tiny apple."

"One piece of dry bread and nothing else."

Sweets like donuts were frequently mentioned in the list. (iStock)

"A half baguette. Straight from the packet. No fillings... no butter. Zilch."

It's the kind of list that sounds as if it should be funny, and even a little judgemental,  but as one teacher notes, "Not being fed properly is, unfortunately, not very high on the list of awful things teachers know about some of the kids they teach."

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