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Who takes a baby swimming in croc-infested water?

A man has been slammed after posting photos of his partner’s nine-month-old baby swimming in croc-infested waters. He says they were perfectly safe however horrified locals who saw the pictures on Facebook have expressed their shock at his decision.

It seems crazy to even take such a risk. The Northern Territory’s Cahills Crossing is infamous for croc attacks. Why would he take such a risk? In fact, the part of the crossing where they chose to play and cavort in the deceptively calm waters is called East Alligator River.

Mum Haley Mackenzie said she has complete faith in her partner. He took little Dexter out with him for a spot of fishing. She told, "I know how the photo looks, a couple of people have told me that looked a bit dangerous," she said. "At the time the river was completely down, he's at the edge of the water and there were heaps of people around him."

However Facebook users posted the following:

"I can't even say anything. You should never put a baby in those waters."

"As a kid I'd walk down the edge of the river and be told off."

Cahills Crossing has signs warning people not to swim in the water. The spot is one of the highest density crocodile locations in Australia and people have been taken by crocodiles before.

So while no harm was done this time, we hope the man uses his brain next time and remembers that it's better safe than sorry.

What is the most dangerous thing you've seen someone do with a child? Did you say anything?

Images courtesy of Facebook

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