Your Daily Dose of Cute: The baby who's mastered the word 'no'

Meet Charlotte, the adorable Youtube Baby Sensation who has really mastered the word “no”.

Does she want a million dollars?

Does she love her grandparents?

Did she have a good Christmas?

Charlotte says NONONO to all the questions with the widest of Bambi eyes, a mischievous grin and a cheeky husky voice.

Her arsenal of cuteness includes alternating between single No’s and multiple No’s (much to the amusement of her Mum because the question ‘Do you love your mummy?’ gets one No, as opposed to the three emphatic NO’s to ‘Do you love your daddy?’).

Watch Charlotte tell the Internet about her dilemmas, such as her terrible Christmas, her big bad Uncle and her atrocious bath time.

When did your baby master the word “no”?

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