The new baby photo you need to take

Swaddled-with-mum-still in-hospital-gown photo? Check. Cradled-in-new-dad’s-arms shot? Check. Snug in the car seat dressed in the much-obsessed-over-going-home-outfit snap? Check.

But here’s another photograph you need to get once you have baby home via How Do It (with a photo by Abbey Saxton). It’s so clever, yet completely doable.

Step 1: Buy a newspaper on your baby’s birthday. (Missed the big day? Buy a paper to mark your baby's age, month by month.)

Step 2. Once you’re home, place your baby on the paper, making sure the headline and date are clearly visible. A blanket’s a good idea so you’re not scrubbing newspaper ink off delicate newborn skin.

Step 3: Get a tight shot of your baby.

Step 4. Voila! Save and frame for posterity.

We love this idea because it’s so easy to get it right, but here are some other great ideas for baby pictures you can recreate at home.

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