When an artist has a baby, something like this is bound to happen

This is what happens when an artist becomes a mother.

American mum and artist Amber Wheeler just couldn't help herself. Her two-month-old son Ethan was just lying there, minding his own business. Amber must have felt her fingers starting to itch. She tried to distract herself. She made a cup of tea.

She spots a black marker next to the kettle.

"Don't do it," she warns herself.

Then she cracks, and does this:

And this:

And this!

The creative mum explained that while the inspiration came from simply observing her little boy, creating her masterpieces was a little more complicated.

"I took a video of him and went frame by frame to get the poses, then I just used a program called GIMP, which is like photoshop or MS paint, and just doodled over them with the basic brush tool," News Ltd reports. The hubby loves the pictures. He had some artistic input as well for some different ideas and things to make Ethan into."

She uploaded the photos to Reddit a week ago and Ethan has gone viral. Almost half a million people have viewed her adorable gallery. "I was so surprised. I only expected a couple hundred people to see them, I figured they would just get buried by new posts. I still can't believe how many people have seen it."

Ethan has no idea what his mum has done to him and how famous he is. If we were Amber Wheeler we'd keep the photos for the 18th birthday slide show next to the ones of him naked on a sheepskin rug.

Because what's an 18th birthday without Passion Pop and an embarrassing slide show?

Ms Wheeler also plans to make the photos into a book for Ethan when he is older. Sure beats his photo on a coffee mug!

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