Fluff: Guess which incredibly beautiful actress this awkward teen grew up to be.

This is probably the greatest celebrity flashback photo we’ve ever seen.

Check out this extremely awkward, frankly completely adorable teenager here. Then try to guess which incredibly beautiful Hollywood actress she grew up to be. And in the process, feel infinitely better about your own dweeby teen years (and thankful Facebook didn’t exist when you lived them).

Can you guess who this Child of The Eighties grew up to be?

This sweet young thing with a mullet, pierced ears, a curtain-print multi-coloured shirt that possibly belonged to her brother, pre-braces teeth, and a chrerub-like grin?

If you guessed Mad Men star / total babe January Jones… well, then you’re very good at this game.

Classic Hollywood beauty January Jones, now 36, posted the throwback photo with the caption: “#nofilter #obviously #ilovemy9yroldself.”

JanJan (can we call you that?), we love the nine year old you, too. She’s adorable.

But we reckon you turned out pretty well.

For anyone who doesn’t know, January Jones looks a little more like this now…

And, ah, also this, right here…

And in character alongside excessively handsome Mad Men star Jon Hamm:

It’s a pretty good transofmration, you’ve got to admit.

And because we love nothing more than knowing famous beautiful people used to be total dorks, we’ve compiled a gallery of the best celebrity teenage photos. #CRINGE.


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