NICKY: 4 light layers that aren't cardigans.

Dear Nicky,

Now that the weather is getting cooler can you tell me what I can wear to keep warm but not too hot? I work in an air-conditioned office and need something office-friendly that isn’t too expensive and no cardigans! Hope you can help!  


Hey Jess, I’m reading between the lines here and guessing you don’t like cardigans? I jest, I jest. There are plenty of cardigan alternatives this season, and to suit all budgets. Read on for my picks.

1. Longline vests.

I snapped up the grey longline vest from Zara (below) two weeks ago and have been wearing it non-stop, (no joke, check my Instagram pics). As our office is quite casual I wear it over a white t-shirt, with jeans and heels but it equally updates the tired black-and-white corporate combo too.

Zara Longline Wool Vest (left), Target Limited Edition White Vest, $50.

2. Cropped jumpers.

I know, the words ‘cropped’ and ‘jumper’ together are enough to strike fear into anyone. But hear me out on this one, cropped jumpers can look really smart layered over a white shirt, and paired with a longline skirt.

Topshop Textured Short Jumper £36 (left) Country Road quilted jumper $99 (right).

3. Trenchcoats. 

Ah yes, the trusty trenchcoat. I put these in my list of fashion staples every woman should own by age 30 because it’s one of those pieces that never go out of style. There’s the classic Burberry style or you can go for something softer like the draped styles you’ll find at Country Road and Witchery.

Country Road Waterfall trench $399,Alma Trenchcoat $165, DKNY Tailored blazer $114, Monki black trench $99 at ASOS.

4. Soft blazers.

Step into any fashion retailer right now and you’ll be hit with pastel coats in a myriad of sugary shades. Since I’ve given up suggesting to the Mamamia editorial team they all need to buy pink coats this season, I’ll shift my attention to you.


L-R: New Look Longline Blazer $45, Country Road White Blazer $299, Topshop slim tailored blazer, £48.

What trend are you loving at the moment?

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