Another Sydney girl marries into Euro-royalty. Yes, in a castle.

Princess Mary is no longer the only Aussie “commoner” to have snared a Euro-royal.A local Sydney girl is set to marry a Count.

It seems like European men just love Australian women.

A couple from Turramurra on Sydney’s Upper North Shore are set to marry. In a castle.

Kate Stahl, 30, will marry Count Anton Andreas von Faber-Castell, 31, at the Faber-Castell castle in Germany today. And if Faber-Castell looks a little familiar, you are right. Faber-Castell is the pencil.

Count Anton Andreas is the son of Count Andreas-Wilhelm von Faber-Castell who is the managing director of Faber-Castell Asia Pacific.

Kate Khal and Count Anton Andreas von Faber-Castell

Kate and her Count will say their vows in front of 300 guests which, as reported to the Daily Telegraph, will be decorated in white hydrangeas. Add to that the soon-to-be Countess will wear an original dress created by Australian designer Rhonda Hemmingway and pear-shaped 10-carat diamond earrings worth more than $250,000.

However, Kate isn't caught up in the whole commoner vs Countess drama: “Becoming a countess does not change who I am as a person,” she said. “Regardless of the surroundings, for me I am so very excited to be marrying my high school sweetheart and best friend.”

Kate and the Count met at a friend's party when they were just 15 years old. However, they remained just-friends for 4 and a half years. Then they both met up while in the States in 2009 and took their friendship to the next level. The Count knew today would come, “From the moment I saw Kate at that party, I knew she was the one and I will be so happy to call my best friend my wife.”

And then in true castle-wedding style, they will live happily ever after. In Munich where they both live and work.

CLICK THROUGH the gallery to take a peak inside the castle they will be married in: