"My mum said I couldn't beat Nadal. So, I did."

We’ve decided that Nick Kyrgios’s mum is proof you don’t need to mollycoddle your kids for them to succeed!

Finally, we have proof that mums don’t have to to be relentlessly positive to encourage their kids. In fact, we can even tell them to their faces that we think they are going to fail and it could lead to huge success. At least, that’s the lesson learned from Wimbledon last night, when Australian rising star Nicholas Kyrgios, 19, beat World Number One Rafael Nadal in a stunning upset to advance to the semi-finals.

It turns out that Nick’s own mum, Norlaila (Nill), doubted her son would beat Nadal and said as much. The mother and son are extremely close but it was his anger at her lack of faith that motivated him on to win.

His mum says she finds it difficult to even watch her son play, because she can't help him.

"I was reading a comment that she thought Rafa was too good for me," he told The Australian. "It actually made me a bit angry. You would think he's in a whole other level compared to me. I just believed in myself that I could create some opportunities."

And that he did. Kyrgios entered Wimbledon this year as a Wild Card. His win over Nadal is the first time since 1992 that someone who isn't even in the 100 has beaten the world's number one.

His mum refused to watch the game. She stayed home in Canberra and wasn't even planning to watch it on TV because she finds it so difficult and emotional to watch her children suffer, and not be able to help them.

His sister Hali and father George were there to watch his most recent win.

She told ABC, "I just feel hopeless, that's the feeling...I can't help him there now on his own and as a mother I can't, you just can't see your children being exposed to... so many of that feelings that you just want to grab them and secure them. So I can't watch, no."

Family is important to Nick. His sister Hali and his father George were courtside to watch his epic win. His sister told the Today Show, "He's very kind, very generous and he loves to have his family around, that's what he wishes all the time. We're trying to be there with him, even if there's just one of us."

He started playing at the age of 4, and began formal lessons at the age of 7.

Australia really needed someone we could get behind in tennis, with our most recent star Lleyton Hewitt struggling to continue due to multiple injuries.

Nick faces Canadian eighth seed Milos Raonic on Court One. The match will happen in the early hours of Thursday morning and will air on Channel Seven.

His mum says she has no plans to watch. She says she can watch him walk onto the court and then she'll be switching off.

We say, go King Kyrgios!

Images courtesy of Channel Seven, Channel Nine, ABC, Nicholas Kyrgios and Nill Kyrgios.

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