Ugh. This is what Aussie teenage boys are doing to achieve YouTube Fame.

ATM robbery prank
The Janoskians

In the style of Melbourne pranksters/idiots, the Janoskians, dumb Australian young men are taking to suburban streets to film themselves being arses in the hope of achieving Youtube fame.

The latest fools to take to the interwebs are Sydney-based group Reckless Youth. And, unfortunately, they’re already well on their way to achieving their goal of stardom through stupidity.

(We’re not sure if those exact words are used on their mission statement, but we can’t envisage their objective deferring too far from the theme.)

The group’s new video has received over 300,000 views. It is titled ‘ATM ROBBERY PRANK – GONE WRONG!’.

Beyond a dubious use of titular dashes, the video features a member of the troupe (can we call them a comedy troupe?) approaching people at an ATM with a bandanna over his face and pretending to mug them. When a member of the public intervenes, the joker calls out “It’s a prank!” and backs off.

atm robbery prank
A passerby watches the faux mugger make his attack.

The idea behind the prank is to see if anyone comes to help the person in distress. It’s expected that no one will come and help the person.

Cue: social commentary about selfish society.

Except, in this video, a good samaritan is so fearful for the person being mugged that they kick the prankster’s head in.

Cue: broken nose that needs stitches.

Pretty horrible all round, really. An innocent person fearing for their safety. Another innocent person desperately trying to intervene. Hundreds of people exposed to the terror of street crime.

An idiot taking up a seat in the emergency room.

But, what if we told you that the people being mugged in the video were in on the prank? That they knew exactly what was going on.

Still horrible?

Yeah, we thought so.

But, apparently, that’s the redeeming feature of the piece. That the person being mugged knew it was all a joke, and therefore it was all okay.

A representative of the group said in the comments of the video:

I can’t believe how many people don’t know what is going on in this video! The ‘Robber’ and the ‘Victim’ are both in on the prank. There was nothing illegal about it.

See, you guys? It was fine that members of the public were so scared for the welfare of someone being violently mugged that they resorted to violence themselves. An overreaction, even.

It was a prank. Duh.

Given the group were arrested for a different prank – titled ‘PUBLIC FIGHT PRANK GONE WRONG (ARRESTED), which sounds super repentant – we’re kind of not going to trust whatever legal advice they’re getting.

Illegal or not, we’ll put the video down here. But, if you don’t fancy watching a stupid teenage (?) lad get his face beaten in at this time of day, we advise against watching it to the end.

Someone get these boys a night fill job.

Do you think it matters that the person being mugged was in on the prank? Does that make it okay?

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