"I wish ASOS's wedding collection was around when I got married."

Images: ASOS.

Last year, I got married. There was champagne, diamonds, a lovely groom who turned into a lovely husband, a white dress, and, as with most weddings, there was also a shitload of money spent.

When you’re planning a wedding, you quickly come to realise how ridiculously expensive the whole production is — from your outfit down to the table arrangements that I doubt any of my guests noticed.

Which is why ASOS’s new wedding collection should be every bride-to-be’s partner in crime. The dresses? They’re dreamy. The hair accessories? They’ll make any down ‘do, updo or half-up-half-down ‘do look positively perfect. And your honeymoon fund will love them, too.

Here are the seven items I wish had been around circa May last year. They would’ve looked so damn nice in my wedding photos…

 1. Pack of 8 Mini Paper Flower Hair Clips, $13.00.

So simple. So pretty. And if you don’t need all of them in your hair, you can pop them in your bridesmaids’.

2. Textured Rose Headband, $21.01.

The creamy-peachy colour of this headband is perfect for anyone who feels the loud, bright flower headband is a little too much. 

3. Metal Vine Headband, $25.21.

A copy of the fine metal headbands Valentino has made famous, this is the perfect embellishment for an up or down hairstyle. 

(Post continues after gallery.)

4. Pretty Bead Headband, $16.81.

Delicate, subtle and the bridal version of a cherry on top.

5. Occasion Crystal Hair Crown, $21.01.

Nicole Richie circa 2007 would have been so into this boho-inspired head adornment.

We think middle-parted hair makes for a gorgeous wedding guest look. (Post continues after video.)

6. Wedding Beaded Hair Clip, $25.21.

For the bride who likes a little bit of (very inexpensive) bling.

7. Large Leaf Hair Clip, $16.81.

It doesn’t have to be all about flowers; it’s time for leaves to get the kudos they deserve.

Do you have any favourites?