Brisbane mother and food blogger reveals plans to sue fitness queen Ashy Bines.

Australian fitness guru Ashy Bines, 29, is facing accusations from a Brisbane food blogger that she stole recipes and published them in a book.

Speaking to Nine News yesterday, 26-year-old mother Allie Dodds said she wants to sue Bines for allegedly copying five recipes from her blog and publishing them in an ebook in 2012. She’s seeking $150,000 in damages.

“I started reading (Bines’ book) and thought ‘that’s exactly what’s written in my blog’. There were pictures of my hands,” Dodds said.

“I did stop blogging for quite a while and I just felt really demotivated by it all. I’ve never heard from her, and I’ve never gotten an apology.”

Dodd told The Courier Mail the recipes included salmon and cauliflower sushi, kangaroo rolls and chicken mince quiche.

She said she’s crowdfunding to take Bines to court, saying “I do intend to take the matter further”.

“There are more proceedings and I have to lodge documents with the court. I don’t have the backing she has … and I am just an everyday, average person going up against a big company.”


Bines has not yet responded to either publication’s request for comment – Mamamia has reached out, also – however, in the past she has admitted to copying recipes, blaming it on the nutritionist she hired to write her own.

“As a businesswoman, I often outsource projects to experts and people better qualified to give you the best information,” said the mother-of-one in a video in 2015, Channel Nine reports.

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“Unfortunately, I may have been too naive to think that I wouldn’t have to check the origins of each recipe.”

“It’s recently come to my attention that some of these recipes were not originals at all, and have been copied from other sources. This was never my intention and it really sucks that these things can happen.”

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