If you didn't put out on New Year's Eve, apparently you asked for this...

Ah, a New Year. A time for signing up for gym memberships, making to-do lists, resolving to eat more kale… and starting an affair. Wait, what?

Apparently, those lovely folks over at Ashley Madison – you know, the dating website that especially caters for married men people – enjoy a massive spike in business this time of year, as people look at their relationships and find them, well, a bit boring.

Ashley Madison - which claims to have over 460,000 Australian members -  reports that on New Year's Day in the US their traffic explodes by a massive 344 per cent, something that the truly lovely man who founded the business, Noel Biderman, says is down to milestone angst.

"Many people re-examine their lives and changes they want to make on special occasions and holidays, particularly the start of the new year," he says, before going on to suggests it's all the fault of lazy spouses who aren't making enough of an effort to liven up the holidays.

"If expectations aren’t met on a night like New Year’s Eve, that can signify the last straw for a lot of couples."

On January 3, when many Americans went back to work (and therefore away from the prying eyes of that pesky partner) an amazing 277,000 people logged on to the cheating site; or, to put it in perspective, a new cheater looked for a mate every three minutes.

It's not just the married folks whose sap is rising in the New Year; apparently all Internet dating sites enjoy a traffic boost in the first week of January, as we resolve en masse that this year is the year we're going to meet The One.

But the extraordinary success of Ashley Madison suggests that it's those who've already met The One are resolving that this is the year to add Two, Three and Four to the mix. Yup. Happy New Year to you, too.

Any New Year ideas for how to spice up your relationship without resorting to cheating?