Four words: This. Is. Not. Art.

Warning: The following post contains references to eating disorders. If you or someone you know has suffered from an eating disorder, we recommend you click away now…

Millie Brown is a performance artist. Her art of choice? It’s starving herself for two days at a time, consuming copious amounts of colourful (soy) milk and then vomiting said milk back up onto canvases, which she then sells for upwards of $2500.

And why exactly? Because ART, of course. Because EXPRESSION. And probably because it gets people talking (just like we are now.)

“I was thinking about how people can cry milk when they drink it upside down and how it would be beautiful to use my body to create art which is what led me to my rainbow vomit piece,” Brown once said in an interview.

But, we don’t know. There’s just something that doesn’t sit right with us here.  We don’t have a problem with people expressing themselves, we don’t have a problem with people pushing the boundaries in life and we don’t have a problem with people wanting to be a little controversial.

But when being controversial means replicating aspects of a disease that millions of girls and boys are struggling to survive every single day?

You really have to ask what is going on with “art.”


WARNING: This gallery is graphic. It starts with pictures of milk, but we can assure you that it’s gonna get worse. At this point, we’re going to advice that you don’t click through if you’ve got even a slightly weak stomach.

If this post brings up any issues for you, you can contact The Butterfly Foundation for Eating Disorders via their website ( or on their National Support Line (1800 33 4673).

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