Why would you shave THIS part of your body?

Would you do it?


Girls, grab a pen and write this one down.

Apparently it’s no longer enough that you shave your legs, wax your bits, pluck your eyebrows and zap your underarms.

It’s now time to add ‘arms’ to that growing list of money-sucking beauty routines.

Yep, according to The Stir getting rid of all the hair on you arms is now something people do as regularly as they remove every other hair on their body.

So apparently arm shaving is a thing. Not armpit shaving, but full on arm shaving. Ladies, knock it off, mmmkay? I already spend a ridiculous amount of time shaving, waxing, plucking, coloring, or otherwise removing or changing every hair on my body. Arm hair is the one thing I’ve never even thought to worry about.

And I’m not about to start either. Seriously you guys, please don’t make this a trend. Daily shaving of the legs and pits if I don’t want to be all prickly is bad enough. Arms? Just say no.

I witnessed this arm waxing trend firsthand a couple of weeks ago when I was sitting at my local nail place in Newtown. During the 45 minutes I was there, four girls walked past me and straight into the waxing rooms.

And the results. Looks kind of like Barbie.

And what were they having done? Their arms. They were WAXING THEIR ARMS. (And suddenly I’m sitting there analysing the hairs on my arms and wondering if I’ve missed the beauty memo.)

Now. I’m not going to pretend I’m some kind of hero who bucks against the trend of painful female beauty treatments because your honour, I’m guilty of using each of the aforementioned methods of hair removal.

But am I being hypocritical in thinking the shaving or waxing your arms is going slightly overboard?

There’s not enough time in my day to fit in the Block, My Kitchen Rules and The Biggest Loser, especially when they’re all on at the same time.

I can’t handle arm waxing too.

What’s your hair removal routine? Do you wax or shave your arms?