Just quietly: how do models deal with THIS?

Last night Miranda Kerr walked the David Jones runway for the Spring/Summer fashion launch. She wore this:

She looks pretty awesome. There’s no question about that.

But as news websites everywhere gush over the shade of her lipstick, the cut of the white swimsuit and the presence or otherwise of her wedding ring… we were thinking something else: How come she doesn’t get camel toe?

It’s not that we’re shallow. Oh no. We have also discussed many other things on Mamamia today including this, this and this.

This particular swimsuit appears to be very tight. Which is generally the case for all bathing suits/bikinis/swimmers/budgie smugglers/togs/whatever you like to call the thing you wear when you head to the beach. But this one is also white. And it’s being modelled in front of a few thousand of people all of whom have cameras. Hundreds of whom have powerful magnifying lenses.

The intricacies of how lingerie and swimsuit models keeps that area smooth as she strides down the runway, is worth some brief consideration in an otherwise busy day filled with issues that are actually important.

And we think this might be the answer:

Introducing The Smooth Groove. Named as such because it smooths the groooooooove.

Check out these crotch changing before-and-after pics:

Is this the solution?

The SmoothGroove . was born because one British woman was frustrated at the lack of “camel toe solutions” on the market and decided to design her own. (Does it remind anyone else of a shoe horn? Just us?)

The Smooth Groove.

According to the company’s website “a staggering 55% of women, irrespective of age, size or weight, experience camel toe at some point in their lives”. That’s a pretty staggering percentage indeed.

Is this more proof that marketers are having a laugh at us or is the Smooth Groove filling an, um, niche?