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Goodness. We've just learnt some bombshells about Bachelor in Paradise's Glenn and Alisha.

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OK. Here we go. 

We've just found out our favourite Bachelor in Paradise couple Alisha Aitken-Radburn, 27, and Glenn Smith, 32, have both apparently cheated on each other since Fiji. 

According to So Dramatic! Podcast host Megan Pustetto, Glenn strayed first. 

"Glenn was at a buck's party in Perth, and met up with Helena at a club and they ended up kissing a couple of times that night," she said in the latest episode of the So Dramatic! Podcast.

(Yes, as in Helena Sauzier, fellow Paradise goer. You read that right.)

This Helena:

"Helena knew Glenn and Alisha were still together, and the next day she started panicking that people were going to find out, so she asked Glenn not to tell Alisha," Megan continued.

Glenn reportedly refused and owned up to Alisha about the kisses leaving her understandably "furious and upset". 


But the drama doesn't end there. 

Alisha, according to So Dramatic!, hooked up with Scott (yes another Bachie contestant) at Jackson's (yes, that Jackson) birthday party in December. 


To refresh your memory, Scott (left) Jackson (right). Image: Ten.

Remember filming for Bachelor in Paradise ended around December 5, so this all happened very soon after what we're expecting to be a very loved up finale on Sunday between Alisha and Glenn. 

But Megan has it on good authority that the couple have patched things up since the cheating drama (s) and decided to "call it even". 

So Dramatic! confirmed in a previous episode that Alisha had moved from Sydney to Perth to be with Glenn - an update the podcast stands by with these allegations now in the mix. 

"They're stronger than ever," Megan confirmed.

If our maths is right, that means Alisha and Glenn are going strong nine months into their relationship. Fan account @bachiefunny has already practically confirmed the conclusion of their upcoming commitment ceremony. 

As they pointed out in the below Instagram, that blurred out couple in the season promo looks remarkably like them. 


There is even a rumour floating around that Glenn proposes to Alisha in the finale, which is another clue picked up in the promo. 

"I'm kind of mad at Channel Ten because I feel like they've spoiled it already," Jules (yes, Alisha's first BIP crush, Jules) previously told the So Dramatic! podcast.

"Like in the promos that I've seen with the engagement ring on the finger - if that is not Glenn and Alisha proposing to each other, I will eat my hat."


Bring on Sunday and that all important post show Instagram update we're all obviously waiting for. 


Feature image: Instagram @alisha.aitkenradburn